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Restaurant AROI

Restaurant "Alloy"

¡úAlloy has started grill menu¡ú

¡¦We cherish each meeting with our customers, and try our best to offer filling meals at a reasonable price!
We want to make this restaurant a "Favourite Dining Place for Everyone".
We also serve meals that are not on the menu to accommodate our guests.
We are equally happy to serve one to many customers, and prepare meals for parties too!(See below for Party Plan)

¡¦Breakfast 7:00am - 10:00am ( 600 yen for a meal (tax included) You could choose from two menus, Japanese or Western style)
¡¦Dinner 6:00pm to 11:00pm (Last Order 10:30pm)
¡¦Closed on Sundays and national holidays (Applies for dinner only. We serve breakfast every day)
¡¦Sejour Fujita 2nd Floor, Funairi-machi1-10, Nakaku, Hiroshima Tel # (082)296-6590
¡¦Please let the staff know when traveling to our restaurant by car.
Eringi mushroom wrapped with meat and perilla leaf 650 yen
Sauteed scallop with butter 600 yen
Grilled vegetables 600 yen
Grilled organ meat with sauce 700 yen
Chef's original inventive grill 300 yen (2 sticks)
French fries 300 yen
Salad with four kinds of beans 450 yen
Karaage - Japanese fried chicken 580 yen
¢£Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style) - meat and vegetable pancake ¢£Variety Teppan Grill
Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style) - meat and vegetable pancake
Alloy's original special okonomiyaki
\1000 Tompei-yaki - Japanese style omelette with pork and vegetables \500
Meat/egg with soba(buckwheat) or udon(flour) noodle \700 Omelette with spicy cod roe \400


Yaki-soba or udon - Chow mein with buckwheat noodle or flour noodle \600
    Pork roll \550
    Crunchy pork salad \450
    Chef's original inventive grill (2 sticks) \300
¢£Meat Teppan - Japanese grill ¢£Vegetable Teppan Grill
Organ meat(w/ sauce or salt) \700 Grilled vegetables  \600
Chicken thigh(w/ sauce or salt) \450 Grilled grated Japanese yam \550
Cow's stomach(w/ sauce or salt) \650 Grilled shiitake mushroom with mayo \450
Cow's diaphragm(w/s auce or salt) \800 Vegetable stir-fries \450
Chicken gristle(w/ sauce or salt) \450 Stir-fried eggplant with miso paste \450
Garlicy chicken neck grill \450 Eringi mushroom wrapped with meat and perilla leaf \650
Tomato cheese chicken breast tenderloin \500 ¡¡Stir-fried bean sprouts with fried egg on top \350
Grilled pork neck with salt \550 Grilled enoki mushroom rolled in meat \650
Grilled drum stick \500    
Thickly sliced bacon \650    
Cow's stomach tempura \650    
¢£Seafood Teppan Grill ¢£Rice dish
Oyster spinach \700 Garlic rice \650
Grilled Scallop(w/ butter or salt) \600 Omelette rice - Flavoured rice wrapped in omelette \650
Grilled salmon with stir fries \450 Ebamaki - Hiroshima style sushi roll(2 rolls) \700
Buttered and grilled squid leg \450 Garlic toast \300
Stir-fried squid and Bok Choy with oyster sauce \650    
Salted and grilled shrimp \680    
Oyster kelp \700    
¢£Deep fried dish ¢£Salad
French Fries \300 Tofu salad \400
Deep fried burdock root \300 Italian salad with tomato and mozzarella \680
Karaage - Japanese deep fried chicken \580 Genovese-style octopus salad \580
Tomato and cream cheese tempura \480 Summer roll \600
Deep fried chicken tenderloin combined with perilla leaf and seasoned cod roe \520 Green salad \350
Octopus Tempura \600 Salad with four kinds of beans \450
    Homemade pickles \300
    Colourfully marinated octopus and vegetable salad \650
¢£a la carte ¢£Meal
Japanese style hamburger cooked in stew \600 Spaghetti (various kind) \630
Light flavored stewed beef \550 Rice casserole with white sauce (various kind) \500
Chilli Mayo Shrimp \800 Rice casserole - various kind (Double size) \800
Broiled sparerib stewed for 5 hours \800 Garlic octopus rice \550
Assorted sausages \680 Loco moco \850
Konjak steak \380 Rice set(white rice and miso soup) \250
Stir-fried pork w/ kimchee \600 Pizza(mix or margherita) \250
Japanese sweet rolled omelette \480
Ochazuke - cooked rice in Japanese tea with toppings(salmon, kelp or pickled ume)